White Stone Volunteer Fire Department

In June of 1946 it was decided by the White Stone Businessmen’s Association that the town of White Stone should have a fire department to serve and protect not only White Stone, but the surrounding community as well.  In October of 1946, this same group of businessmen held a carnival for the purpose of raising money to purchase a fire truck.

On March 22, 1947 White Stone Volunteer Fire Department was formed and incorporated with the following people as officers of the corporation:

President Lloyd B. Hubbard, Sr.
Vice President C. L. “Pete” Somers
Sec/Treas. Howard E. Dix, Jr.
Chief Harley Reeves

The first call answered by The White Stone Volunteer Fire Department was answered without a truck. The alarm was turned into Kilmarnock as usual. The men had purchased hose for the new fire truck and had it stored in the post office, while waiting for the Kilmarnock truck someone said “get the hose”. By the time the Kilmarnock fire truck got there, the White Stone firemen had hooked up their new hose to the hydrant in front of the house and put out the fire.

In April 1947 the Department purchased their first truck, this was a 1942 Ford built by Ward LaFrance. It came from Langley Field. The truck had a 150 gallon per minute pump and a 150 gallon tank. This truck helped fight the fire that nearly destroyed Kilmarnock in 1952. It was housed at Jessie Gregg’s garage until February 1952.

In February 1952 the first fire house was built on a piece of property located between J.M. Adams and Harman Treakle. This building was built in four stages, the original part was the bay. Next was the kitchen, furnace room and bathrooms. The storage room in the back of the building was next and finally there was an addition to the front. (This all happened over the years).

After the purchase of the 1942 Ford pumper , which was the only red fire truck White Stone ever had, the next piece of equipment was a four wheel drive Jeep in which was put a used kerosene oil tank obtained by Harmon Treakle. The next piece of equipment purchased was a 1953 Dodge tank truck. Then came a 1957 Dodge pumper built by HOWE. This truck was purchased new and was a custom built truck. At an approximate cost of $12,000.00. Next was a 1957 Dodge tanker bought to replace the 1953 tanker. Both of these trucks were purchased used from Harman Treakle at the Chesapeake Oil Co. The department then obtained a one and a half ton 1954 Ford 4 wheel drive vehicle known as “the beast”. This vehicle was a bit clumsy and did not work well. Next was a custom built 1967 Dodge pumper, built by OREN at a cost of $17,000.00. The following year a 1968 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive Dodge truck was purchased. The department had Dickie Hagen in Mechanicsville take this truck and build a custom brush truck, when completed total truck cost was $6,700.00. This was the first brush truck in the Northern Neck. In the fall of 1972 the department purchased a 1973 Chevrolet chassis and had Cavenaugh Corporation in Richmond furnish and Acme fire equipment tanker body. This truck cost $28,000.00 when completed.

Today, the White Stone Volunteer Fire Department continues to serve the community solely with volunteers who are dedicated to protecting live and property in Lancaster County.

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1

Non-emergency telephone: (804) 435-3801

Fire Chief: Dan Sanders

Mailing address:

P. O. Box 272
White Stone, VA 22578