Our administrative staff regularly are assigned duties in field operations based upon scheduling needs and ongoing projects.  Every effort is utilized to efficiently utilize personnel to ensure necessary coverage for emergency response and to achieve administrative goals.


Stephen M. Smith
Interim Chief of Emergency Services


Heather L. Brown
Captain – Emergency Management / Deputy Emergency Coordinator

Captain Brown is the Deputy Emergency Coordinator for Lancaster County and is responsible for much of the emergency planning activity for Lancaster County. Her role is to assist in the oversight of the emergency management functions of the department, which includes managing the emergency operations center during a planned event, or an emergency. In addition, Heather is involved in outreach and public education to help ensure residents of Lancaster County are prepared for emergencies.  Captain Brown holds a Master of Science in  Homeland Security and Emergency Management and is a graduate of the National Emergency Management Basic Academy.


Matthew Smith
EMS Captain – Support Services

As the EMS Captain of Support Services, Matthew is responsible for ensuring that personnel have the equipment and training required to perform their duties. He also leads EMS performance improvement efforts, with the assistance of other department personnel and representatives from the volunteer rescue squads.  Captain Smith is a graduate of the National Fire Academy’s Management of EMS Program.


Sofia Welch
EMS Captain – Administration

As the EMS Captain of Administration, Sofia is responsible for ensuring that crews are staffed 24 hours a day. She is the point-of-contact between to County and the volunteer rescue squads, for ensuring adequate coverage to meet the needs of Lancaster County residents. In addition, Captain Welch assists with policy development and oversight.


Skip Hardesty
Deputy Fire Marshal / Hazardous Materials Officer

Skip Hardesty is the Deputy Fire Marshal for Lancaster County and also serves a Hazardous Materials Officer. His role is to assist the volunteer fire departments, upon request, with investigations regarding the cause and origin of fires, and especially in cases where the cause is suspicious or casualties have occurred. Additionally, Skip is one of the county’s hazardous materials response officers; this role ensures that following a hazardous materials spill, that the impacts to health, property and the environment are minimized, and to ensure that the cleanup is properly completed by the responsible party.  Mr. Hardesty is and EMT and holds numerous certification in fire investigations and  fire inspections.

Volunteer Leadership


Our volunteer leadership contribute to the success of Lancaster County Emergency Services by augmenting the ability of the County’s first responders to manage an emergency.  The volunteer leaders perform duties that contribute to the success of the various volunteer programs, allowing staff to focus their energy on other duties.  The teamwork and dedication of our volunteers allow for Lancaster County to achieve greater resiliency in the face of disaster.  Their contributions make us a stronger community.


Julie Dudley
C.E.R.T. Volunteer Coordinator

Julie Dudley serves as the volunteer coordinator for the Community Emergency Response Team.  Her role to assist the C.E.R.T. Program Manager with recruiting, training and maintaining good practices for volunteer organizations active in disaster.  Julie’s previous experience as the Executive Director of the River Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross makes her uniquely qualified in this role.  Her decade of experience in managing volunteers and disaster response make her an invaluable part of the team.  Julie has completed the C.E.R.T. Basic Training, C.E.R.T. Train-the-Trainer and is an Emergency Management Institute graduate of the  C.E.R.T. Program Manager course.


C.E.R.T. Commander


Wayne Rogers
Emergency Communications Group Coordinator

Wayne Rogers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to Lancaster County Emergency Services.  Having previously worked for the FAA and served in support of Calvert County, Maryland as an amateur radio operator, Wayne has helped to continue the development of our amateur radio capabilities.  As the auxiliary communications coordinator, he has actively worked to recruit new members of the team and enhance the training and capabilities of the Lancaster-Middlesex Emergency Communications Group.  His goal is to ensure that in the event of a catastrophic disaster effecting Lancaster County, or neighboring jurisdictions, that we have the technical expertise, training and equipment to effectively communicate to ensure that the needs of the community can be met.


C.A.R.T. Director



Field Personnel


Balog, Tony – Paramedic

Brown, Erik – Advanced EMT

Carter, (DJ) Donald – Intermediate

Clegg, Darrin – Paramedic

Craig, Hannah – EMT

Davenport, John – Paramedic

Gutknecht, JeffreyEMT

Haynie, Jacqueline – EMT

Haynie, Taylor – Intermediate

Hodges, Jason – Intermediate

McAdoo, Mike – Intermediate

McCrea,  Tom – Paramedic

Moore, C. CreigParamedic

Newsome, TrishParamedic

Quatro, Devin – EMT

Sikora, Matt – Intermediate

Smith, Renee – Intermediate

Sopko, Elaine – Paramedic

Symons, Alex – EMT

Tate, Mike – Paramedic

Thompsen, Dawn – EMT

Townsend, Jaime – Advanced EMT

Waldron, Rachael – Paramedic

Walker, Everett – Advanced EMT

Walker, Pamela – Advanced EMT